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What I buy at Costco?

What I have found even using coupons that Costco I’m still buying a few things from there? It’s When I shop at Costco I’m always comparing their prices from Vons, Ralphs, Food 4 Less and Albertson. If I buy any meat from Costco, then it would only be their cooked Rotisserie Chickens. I know I can get better prices on meat, cereal, crackers, and canned goods at other various stores. Here is my list of things I buy at Costco!

Milk, 2 gallons- $5.39

(like paying $2.70 per gallon)

*stock-up price

Butter, 4/lbs- $7.29

(like paying $1.82/lb)

*stock-up price

Hamburger/Hot Dog Buns, 24ct- $2.19

*stock-up price (they look like great quality too)

Eggs 24 ct – $1.99




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