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What is Price Match?

What is price match?

To sum it up both Target and Walmart will price match any prices 100% guarantee.

It’s tough as it is planning, cutting and driving around town to grab the deals. Gas price is tough these days.

I’m glad Target and Walmart started offering the Price March which will save lots of time and gas.

Some tips I can share with you is:
– Bring the Ad
– Circle the item and show the cashier
– Be Prepared
– Stay Organize
– Read the Store Policy
– Checkout for Walmart is done at any register
– Checkout for Target only at Customer Service

What works for me might not for you? Take your recycle bag toss everything you will price matching inside the bag and handle everything all at once.

Some of the mistake I’ve seen people making mistakes is:
– Mixing everything together
– Not being Prepared
– Not being Organize
– Not familiar with the Store Policy

Lastly, what is not allowed when it comes to price matching?:
– Meats
– 50% off items
– Buy 1 get 1 free
– Fruits sold by pieces
– Meats that I know of.

I need to be more familiar with Target’s store policy on price matching. I do most of it at Walmart.


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This entry was posted on January 31, 2012 by in Target, Walmart.


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