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Let’s Shop Week 1/30


Today is the last day to grab some Seattle Coffee at Vons $5

The reason why I do multiply transaction is to get the lowest amount I will pay out of pocket. (OOP)

Transaction #1
Buy (3) Hallmark greeting cards $1.99
Pay: $6, get $5 in Catalina

Transaction #2
Buy (2) Seattle Coffee $5
Buy (1) Pork Chops $6.72
Use (2) $1.50 Seattle PI Q (
Use $5 Catalina from Trans #1
Pay: $8

Remember: Vons only accepts 2 like coupons per transaction.

CVS is next to Vons so I stopped by and grabbed a couple of things.

Started with $5 ECB Rewards

Transaction #1
Buy (1) PH lipgloss $9.99
Use $3 peelie Q
Use -$5 ECB from last week
Pay: $1.99, get $7 EBC

Transaction #2
Buy (3) American Greeting Cards .99
Buy (2) M&M’S chocolate 2/$6
Buy (1) Colgate Advantage $2.47
Buy (1) Hersey egg chocolate .87
Buy (2) CVS candy .31 each
Use $2/3 American Greeting Cards
Use (2) $1.00 M&M’s PI Q (
Use $1 Colgate
Use $7 ECB from transaction #1
Pay. 74 cents, get $3 ECB, $2 ECB, $1 ECB
Moneymaker 🙂

Tip: purchase the Green bag tag .99 (by the checkout area) scan your tag and receive $1 ECB will print on your receipt every 4th visit. Present your Green bag tag and ECB with ANY reusable bag and purchase.





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