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Let’s Shop 9/25 Week

My favorite store by far but I must warn you it’s the MOST complicated one to understand.

This week was a good one I was pleased with some the sales they had. I was happy to cross off my list what I needed. My stockpile was low on trash bags and with winter weather is around the corner. It was time to stockpile on cold medicines.

I’m sad to leave my usual store that I go to because Magel is such a sweet person. She has the patient to work and show you how to get the best deals. I only went to her when I would check out and working on Sundays helped to. I left because it started to get crowded and it wasn’t fun anymore when people were camping out an hour or two outside to get in and pushing the carts like it was a race. I said “Really!” Now the new place I go to hardly anyone is there and it’s more pleasant to shop at.



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This entry was posted on October 1, 2011 by in Walgreens.


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