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Are you Prepared?

That’s the question Are you prepared? Every year my son’s school puts together a emergency bags for each classrooms. Today I re-stocked my son’s bag. Now that he wears size 5T being that he is 9 years old I took out the old clothes and replaced new sizes for him.

Now that school emergency bag is done I plan on preparing one for each family member a family emergency bag for the car just in case. This I haven’t done before and it’s so important since were on the road a lot.

Some of the things I have in each slip lock bags are…

~ Clothes
Jacket, shirt, pants, socks, underwear

~ (3) bottle of waters, perishable food, snacks, candy, soup

~ toothbrush, toothpaste, bad soap, medicine, tissue paper, facial tissue, wipes, emergency blanket & poncho, batteries, flashlight, kit, whistle

~ puzzle & activity books, crayons, playing cards, pens

~ money & pocket change, important information card and comfort letter I wrote so he won’t be scared when were not with him

This list might not work for you a updated list is at



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This entry was posted on September 6, 2011 by in Inspire By, Supplies.


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