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School Shopping @ Office Depot & Staples

I can’t get over school shopping as been so easy & stress free. I have been finding all the great deals this month so far. If I wasn’t Couponing I would have known any of these sales and the amount I’ve saved is amazing. In honesty I probably have enough to last him until he goes off to high school.

To plan ahead for next year in July the school supply sales begins. Keep your eyes open for these deals.

My trip today was a lot of fun. My friend Angela & his daughter Machenzie joined us today.

OOP $2.65
* used RR coming in & rolled it over ๎”

Office Depot
OOP $2.10
* glue sticks $.01 (limit of 5 but cashier allowed me to get 10 ๎”)
* the notebook spirals were $.01 (limit of 4 / school teachers 25) so mom bought them for us ๎”

Coupon Lingo:
OOP – out of pocket
RR – register rewards



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This entry was posted on August 8, 2011 by in Office Depot, Staples.


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