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Price Matching at Walmart

Here’s what I would recommend if you don’t have time to coupon at least DO price match at Walmart with out using coupons. Imagine if you had coupons you can stack those up.

I don’t have a Superior near by so what I always do is bring the store ads with me and price match the same product.

Here’s what I bought:

5 lbs Bananas .99 cent (sharing with my parents)
5 lbs. Roma tomatoes . 99 cent (sharing with my parents)
(5) mangos .29 cent each
(2) mushrooms .79 cent each

OPP : $5.71

OPP (out of pocket)

1) familiarize yourself with the store policy
2) bring your store ads
3) stay organize and have all your items you want to price match all together
4) you DON’T have to buy 5 lbs of bananas or tomatoes like I did!
5) Walmart price match on anything and everything produce, electronics, toiletries and more



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This entry was posted on July 29, 2011 by in Coupon (ing), Food, Walmart.


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