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My Coupon Binder

Everyone asks me how does your coupon binder look like, what do you have, how much does it weigh, etc.

My binder is my Bible & everything to me. I’ve invested so much love and the amount of coupons I have I can’t imagine losing it or if someone took it from me while shopping. I’m heard stories about people stealing them while shopping and when your paying attention you firn around and it’s gone. Crazy!

In front of my binder I have a note staring if you find it please return to me with my phone number attached.

Anyways, here’s my Coupon Bible!

* 3 inch binder
* 36 category tabs
* over 50 baseball inserts
* a note if binder is found
* each stores policy I go to
* pencil holder pouch bag filled with a calculator, mini stapler, pen and scissors

Heres what I DON’T do!
I DON’T bring the binder inside the store. In case I need it it’s in my bag. At least for me it’s to much to have it on top of the cart, because my little one sits there. I just got in the habit of not relying on it. This system works for maybe not for everyone. It’s to each it’s own.

Instead, I carry a pencil holder bag and each store I go to has a bag. Inside the bag is everything I need from coupons, notes, register rewards and rain checks. It just makes it easier for me.





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This entry was posted on July 29, 2011 by in Coupon (ing).


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