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Even during the summer the kids have to do their chores. It’s important for them to help around the house. When they do it sure helps out. I’m grateful for that.

P is very willing to help and he does get his chores done. He just recently moved up from doing smaller chores to bigger ones now that he’s 9 years old.

P’s new chores schedule:
– vacuuming
– mopping
– taking out the trash

One thing P does gets distracted really quick and rushes things. He would rather play with his Wii game or build his tent house with Hailey.

Then we have Hailey who’s been in training since she was 1. We slowing introduced her to smaller chores like putting the spoons & plates away, but now she too moved up doing P’s chores.

Hailey’s new chores schedule:
– putting away her’s & P’s dishes & cups
– putting all the utensils away
– helping Kuya with the trash

The kids do get rewarded. That’s been successful around here. They enjoy seeing what the reward is after helping out.

Job Chart is very helpful tool. I’ve been using this online job chart for awhile. I lost touch with it there for awhile, but I’m back.




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This entry was posted on July 13, 2011 by in Kids, Project Life.


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