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My Sweet Girl…

I was sitting here and thinking to myself wow this song is so powerful that I was thinking of all my kids. It was a perfect song from Rascal Flatts called “My Wish”. The very first person came to mind was my sweet 1st born child “Janice”, because next you know it she’s off to college.

While she was in class I texted her and wrote:

I found this song and I it was a perfect for song for you. I dedicate it to my 1st born child. I was thinking yeah your right I can be really hard on you at times, but it’s only because I love you so much. My sweet Janice is all grown up by the minute and it scares me. I’m scared and worried of the unknown. Everyday it seems like it’s getting harder. The fact of the matter Janice has only 2 more years before she graduates high school and off she goes to college. Away from home. I know she will go far in life and I’m so proud of her that she will concur what’s ahead of her.

I love you,



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This entry was posted on March 31, 2010 by in Family.


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