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And the Winner is….

This year’s “82nd Academy Awards” was on March 7, 2010 held at Kodak Theater. It was the show to watch for the night. First, we went to support the “Escape to the Island” fundraiser Janice’s PH School is having. We enjoyed the food, drinks, and live music band. I couldn’t wait to get home turn on the TV and watch the Oscars.

Highlights of the night:

  • the deco is featuring the most expensive stage ever built for tonight’s show. The stage was covered with Swarovski Crystal worth estimated 3 million – that’s totally crazy, especially during these times.
  • dance performers were added for “Best Song”
  • during the category for “Best Actor and Best Actress”  their co-star spoke about each individual nominee’s. It was touching.
  • it wasn’t boring like passed awards. i think this was probably the best one so far
  • a shock that Avarta didn’t win  for Best Picture and Director
  • my girl won Best Actress – Sandra Bullock she’s very down to earth and humble person. You can tell how she carries herself and her husband Jessie James is such a big support for her.

These are way to cute from Bakerella. She’s so talented and creative. I’m excited she’s finally coming out with a book. Everything about her from her cake pops, cake balls, cupcake bites, cookies, tips, and many more will all be featured.

To kick off  the “82nd Academy Awards” she came out with these adorable DIY cookies. I was drooling over them. I entered a contest she was having, but I didn’t win. She had this… Guess your winners for the Oscar. The prize was a gift certificate valued from $50-$250 depending how many correct answers you received.

My answers were:                                The 2010 Winners were:

Best Picture:                            Avartar                                                  The Hurt Locker

Directing:                                Avartar                                                  The Hurt Locker  (Kathryn Bigelow)

Best Actor:                              Jeff Bridges                                           Jeff Bridges

Best Actress:                          Sandra Bullock                                    Sandra Bullock

Animated Feature Film:     Up                                                            Up

Photo credits by: Bakerella


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