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Yay we made it!

Yay we made it! One month Anniversary  doing the My Job Chart with the kids. So far so good and I’m so happy. I’ve tried everything from printable chores chart, stickers, poster, treasure box, rewards money, but none seem to work for them and us. I finally found an online program that works, simple, fun, the best part of it all it’s FREE and ONLINE.

In my heart I knew this was going to work, actually it had to work, because everything about it was just perfect. It has changed all of us in a better way. The house is more organize, kids are more involved, happier being involved, working together and many more.

What I love most about MyJobChart is seeing the kids motivation doing the chores on a daily basis on time. They get excited when they see their points adding up and want to do more.

Yes, I would D-E-F-I-N-I-T-E-L-Y recommend  MyJobChart to everyone. I was so excited I couldn’t wait to share them with my three girlfriends – Christina, Sally & May. It Works!

I’m so grateful to have found this for my kids.  By far this is the best thing I’ve come across and has worked for my kids. My kids are 2, 7 and 16 years and they love it, including my husband who sometimes I’ve heard him telling the kids “okay guys let’s start on the “myjobchart”. I’ve noticed to my husband and I are not at each other stoke and yelling at the kids having to remind them so many time in a day if they have done their chores or not. It’s a constant battle with the kids.

Now, they feel appreciated, rewarded and accomplished.

Thank you for sharing your idea with us.

Photo credits: MyJobCharts

Redeemed rewards for February

Legos 200
Juicy Couture Wallet 2000
Play w/ your DS for 1 hr 500
School Pants (2) 200
New Shoe 1000
Go to the Race w/ Daddy 500
Go to the Race w/ Daddy 500
Movie Tickets 500
Ice cream cone 200

One comment on “Yay we made it!

  1. Guen
    March 2, 2010

    i LOVE this idea. i checked out the website, and i love what it does! i don’t have any children, but i have students, and i do something similar in the classroom. so if i can control 20 students with job charts, families can, too! i am going to recommend it to all my friends!

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