Jenn's Favorite Things


Favorite iPhone App

What are your favorite apps? Here’s my list. Most of these apps are free or less than $2.99.


  • ShakeitPhone – is like a Polaroid picture! It works like a real instant camera. I love how it makes all of your photos look like a vintage in minutes and in Polaroid format. It’s worth buying it $.99 cent
  • Photoshop – edits iphone images
  • Shutterfly – did you know you can download your shutterfly pictures to your iphone


  • Facbook – totally easy to use
  • WordPress – I can edit and access my blog instantly
  • Around Me – it comes handy especially when I’m traveling to find out what is near me

Toddler Game

  • I Hear Ewe – this does animal sounds for various animals. Hailey LOVES it and has learned a lot from it.


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This entry was posted on February 26, 2010 by in Great Deals & Savings, Photography.


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