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2 year baby well check up & Flu shot

Monday 2/20

Weight: 21 lbs

Height 31″

Head Circumference: 18″

When we walked it the nurse said okay little one get on the scale I’m going to take your weight. I said “wow – Hailey you graduated from the baby scale to the big grow up scale.” I was happier than she was. She was more like what is that thing. She did well and the nurse continued doing her assessment. Joe Crispin PA said Hailey is healthy and doing well. She is where she needed to be as far as her speaking goes, understanding commands, walking. ears, nose, and teeth is developing except her last moler is coming in. The only concern I had of course was her weight, but he assured me that everything is fine and I have nothing to worry about. Well, look at me & Tim were not that tall either. Her weight did double this month. Her last appointment back in December she was 18 lbs. so she gained 2 lbs. I’ve noticed she’s a eater and I love that.

Tim met us there just in time for her shots. Hailey was also scheduled for 3 shots (Variclla(Chickenpox), Hepatitis A and Vaccine H1N1). It’s painful thing to watch so daddy had to hold her. My poor baby was crying, but I knewn the importance of having it done. We will return for the second set of shot of the H1N1 and her appointments are yearly ones from here on.


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This entry was posted on February 25, 2010 by in Family, Milestone.


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