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Oreo Cookie Pops


My boys are a huge fan of milk and cookies. I kept thinking to myself what can I do using “Oreo’s”. Why not try to make a cake pop using the same idea, but with Oreo’s.

What you’ll need:

Oreos, White Sticks, Candy Melts, small clear bags all from @ Michales, Sprinkles, and bag ties.

Melt candy white chocolate for  30 seconds until melted, stir often.

(Use a small pot  & put a small clear bowl on top – I don’t melt my candy melts inside the microwave)

Dip a white stick into your melted white chocolate.

Open an Oreo and gently press the white chocolate coated stick into the frosting center.

Let it dry for a couple of minutes.

Dip both sides of the cookie into melted white chocolate and place on wax paper

( I used a spoon didn’t work just tilt the bowl and dip)

get decorating and let it dry…

and of course it look like this.

My 1st attempt making an Oreo Cookie Pops. It was fun and I got my boys to help me out and join in the fun!

What a perfect idea to add to my other cake pops? Need great ideas for baking go to Bakeralla.


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This entry was posted on February 15, 2010 by in Baking, Crafts, Family, Food.


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