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Look out 1 here comes 2!

Dear Hailey,

Where do I being? I’m feeling happy and sad at the same time. My little girl Hailey is 2 today. I remembered when she was born like it was yesterday. A quick caption of her birth on February 3, 2008… she was one month early, 2 hours in labor with no drugs, our doctor wasn’t present, hospitalize for Jaundice and missed my baby shower. lol

Milestones of being 1:

  • Your able to speak 4-5 words and almost a complete sentences. You talks a lot saying words we love to hear and cracks us up: Stop it – mommy, dadddy, etc., I don’t like it, Go to Sleep to Janice, You want Time Out to Preston,  a lot of No’s  (a given), I’m sorry mommy I didn’t mean to (very sweet & soft voice), I want cereal, Good night Daddy and many more to list. Talking more everyday.
  • Your favorite toys are balls, your dolls, your  kitchen, your Yo Gabba Gabba, and your books.
  • Your personality is a mix of sweet and mean. It all depends on your day. Your a very sweet, loving, caring, funny, but you cry when you don’t get your way and very bossy to your siblings. Your lucky they let you get away with it.
  • Your favorites are  anything about Yo Gabba Gabba &  Sid the Scientist cartoons, and you love to play with your brother like – kitchen, and school
  • Food was a challenge in the beginning for the longest time she only weighed 18 pounds and now your a eater. Daddy calls you a “garbage disposable”. You eat  just about anything, but your favorites are mama’s filipino food, cereal, Oreo cookies, cheese, yogurt, and rice. When your done eating you stand on your highchair and say “I’m done”!
  • You love to play with mommies iPhone. I’m shock you know how to turn it on, turn the volume, push the apt for your games, and take pictures – just amazing
  • You love to brush your teeth
  • You love music, dance and sing. Anything your brother does your also doing such a copy cat. Your favorite artist is Taylor Swift “You Belong to Me” only the part you say is “I Do” and Michael Jackson “Beat It”.
  • You get along with your brother pretty well. He adores you so much and is always willingly to play with you all the time
  • Mommy calls you sweetheart, baby girl, sweet girl and monster. Daddy calls you LeLe, little moms or mama, and wewe.
  • You being very small your size clothes has between  9-12 months, shoes 2T-3T.  You love to watch your oldest sister Janice put on make up. Janice loves to see her wear cheer shorts, cute tops, dresses, leggings, and very fashionable shoes. Were in the process of potty training for now she’s still in diapers size 3T.
  • Sometimes when you don’t listen repeatedly, we (especially daddy will put you in a one or two-minute time out, where you will sit on the couch in the family room. We will talk with you, give you a hug and tell you to say “sorry”.
  • Sleeping habit is a struggle. She doesn’t sleep like normal kids she sleeps at 9-10pm. We have milk near by but overall she sleeps through the night. She’s not a morning person either wakes up about 8am.
  • You are our biggest joy. We love you more than we could ever have imagined.

A lot has happened with her. I am so proud of her. I can’t believe the year has gone by so fast. We’ve enjoyed her being 1.  I wouldn’t change anything. The challenge now is “Terrible 2’s”! We didn’t go through this with the other kids, but were up for the challenge!


Mommy & Daddy


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